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Reg #: 440829007
She is 5 yr old in this pic. dam of HANK JR. and a littermate to jdb toby 71-5. structure, muscle and a functional design.


Reg #: 45189001
A very dominate female. dam of 2 current herdsires off the wall and 139 boar. she will gone down in the books as one of the great ones.


Reg #: 446635007
The dam of the 5 litter boars and they were great individuals when they hit the ground. she has that must have design for everyday production.


Sire: GRADUATE • Dam: 8F29-4
She has earned this mark by her unmatchable ability and dominance. A daughter of 8f29-4 and granddaughter of 5f102-4 a long standing sow family. Sow power runs deep here. 151-8 is everything in the picture plus more. She has a big appetite, suckle skin, big feet, fertility and performance with expandability. Milk production like a cow. We are currently incorporating her strength into the population with 4 sons ,4F71-6,  F71-10, 5F109-1, and Renewal 6S871-1. We have 2 more young sons sired by Bearfoot with extreme uniqueness born in July 06. We will update later.


JDB 5F102-4

We can't say enough about this lady, such power and generating ability. Dam of 2 very prominent herdsires 8f29-1 and 9s71-1. Both are pictured. Great sows leave their strength in their sons and she has sure enough has done that. Her stoutness and true biggness from front to rear coupled with fertility and soundness will be felt for generations. Dam of JDB 8f 29-4 granddam of JDB 1f151-8.

JDB 5F109-4

One of the cornerstones of the program. This picture was taken when she was 8 ½ yrs old. Grandmother of JDB Advancer 30-10. It is individuals like 109-4 that stabilize a breeding program. She has passed all the test for us, lived in a gestation stall, excellent fertility a good docile attitude and after being mated to a number of different boars her progeny offered advancement.

JDB 1S208-2

Sire: JDB Rib Cage • Dam: 208-2
Sired by 9S71-1 and out of very dominant sow family.  A littermate to a past herdsire 1S208-8, he was extreme in performance with over 330# at 6 months.  The dam of the champion boar at 2005 Southwest.

JDB 1F107-5

Dam of jdb advancer 4s30-10 and daughter of 5f109-4. Her picture speaks for herself.

JDB 2S178-11

Dam of JDB Toby. Such a tremendous rib cage in this sow with a correct hip and undercarrige. The young Tobys show her strength.

JDB 8F 17-5

Dam of 2S47-3 and a littermate sister sits in JDB Toby's dam another dominating sow family. Also a half sister to herd boar JDB 8f 29-1. 8F17-5 is grandmother to JDB change up at sgi. 6yrs old when picture taken.

JDB 8F 29-4

A littermate sister to herd boar JDB 8f29-1. A big bodied soggy sow that is leaving her mark through a daughter which is a half sister to JDB rib cage. Retaining a grandson that will preview later. Daughter of JDB 1f 102-4 dam of JDB 1f 151-8


We build an F2 gilt that is York x Landrace x Hamp. This gives the producer more hardiness and longevity with 5-6 parities. She has high feed intake and strong litter weights with 22 - 24 p/s/y

JDB 8F 29-4

Sire: Hamp • Dam: landrace boars
A true F1 that is outside adaptable and gives you flexibility to add some strong maternal with extra toughness in your sows.



Yes, this is Bambam, a very influential hamp boar that we used 30 years ago. Why mention this when we only utilize what's on the outside? We have learned in building genetics to breed on for our customers. If the skeletal structure is out of balance or too mature, then there will be problems later, regardless of the amount of muscle or fat you hang on the skeleton. That is why we work on building hogs from the inside out!

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