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Featured Photos

Pepper BaconAvailable at the Iowa State Fair for the second year, OUR FARM MEATS' Fresh Brats. The Stockmans Inn will be serving our brats again after they went over so well last year. We are super excited for all the new taste buds we will be satisfying. So, if you're in the Des Moines area during Aug. 8-18, 2013, stop in at the Stockmans and experience the great taste of Iowa with an OUR FARM MEATS' Fresh Brat.

Start your day with OUR FARM MEATS smoked bacon, pepper bacon, cottage bacon along with our breakfast links and rope sausage. All our breakfast items are MSG FREE.

Cottage BaconPepper BaconRope SausageBreakfast Links

If you’re looking for down home flavor with less shrinkage, OUR FARM MEATS’ bacon is sure to please. You’ll never want store bought bacon again.

Steaks, Ham Steak & Chops

Bring your family & friends together for a backyard BBQ with OUR FARM MEATS’ steaks, chops and ham steaks.

Ham Steak
Ham Steak: ¾ “ Thick MSG Free
Smoked Windsor Chops: Center Cut, 1” Thick MSG Free
Sirloin, T-bone and Ribeye steaks
Try one of OUR FARM MEATS’ Juicy and Tender Choice 1” Thick Sirloin, T-bone and Ribeye steaks.
Experience all six of OUR FARM MEATS’ specialty ¼ lb brats, these MSG Free brats offer a lower fat content than competitor brand brats.
Hot Dog
Hot Dog

OUR FARM MEATS is offering a quality hot dog. One of which is MSG Free, SKINLESS, NITRITE FREE and made up of our unique pork and beef, these hot dogs contain no organ meat or mechanically deboned meat of any kind, only quality cuts.

To order call {563} 245.2048 or send an email here.

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