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Foundation Females

Proven Matrons

Brink Lady Rite Z204
ASA#: 2861419

  • Dam of Brink D600 ET
  • Grand dam of Brink Rocky E705 ET
  • Direct daughter of Clarinda E514

Brink Maria W938
ASA#: 2531537

  • Dam of  bull G997 is 2020 sale
  • Dam of  Brink Maria Z278 


Brink W960
ASA#: 2531540

Brink Hazel X057
ASA#: 2626317

  • Dam of G950 in 2020 Bull Sale


Brink Rachel Y101 
ASA#: 2635972

  • Dam of G9102 in 2020 Bull Sale

Brink Jilly Y115  
ASA#: 2635947

  • Dam of G9119  in 2020 Bull Sale


Brink Y165 
ASA#:  2635962 

Brink Z202 ET 
ASA#: 2798991 

  • Dam of Herd Sire Brink English E714

Brink Mom Z205 ET 
ASA#: 2798993 

  • Dam of G978 2020 Bull Sale
  • Grand dam of 944 in 2020 Bull Sale

Brink Cerise Z213
ASA#: 2798968

  • Dam of G967 in 2020 Bull Sale


Brink Maria Z278 
ASA#: 2798990 

  • Dam of upcoming Herd Sire G926

Brink Rosa Z295 
ASA#: 2798999

  • Dam of G966 in 2020 bull sale


Brink Melony A300
ASA#: 2789649 

  • Daughter of Brink N340

Brink Marie A314
ASA#: 2789644 

  • Full sister to past Herd Sire Brink B460
  • Dam of G974 in 2020 Bull Sale


Brink Miss Camp A355 
ASA#: 2789620 

  • Dam of G975 in 2020 Bull Sale


Brink Lori A3104 ET 
ASA#: 2818199

  • Flush mate to Bootstraps and Bulletproof


Brink B407 ET
ASA#: 2905574

  • Dam of G959 in 2020 Bull Sale


Brink Anna A333 
ASA#: 2789656  

  • Dam of G972 in 2020 Bull Sale


Brink C539 
ASA#: 3023774

  • Dam of F825 bull top seller in 2019 Bull Sale

Brink N340
ASA#: 2226964

Brink 241M
ASA#: 2187416

Brink R785
ASA#: 2382489

Brink Shamoo U812
ASA#: 2483730 

Brink Clarette S627
ASA#: 2384310

Brink S651
ASA#: 2384319

Brink T731
ASA#: 2431341


Double-bred Shamu
Sire: Revolution • Dam: 437


Sire: Mana's Faust • Dam: 622 (G.G, Brutus x G.G. Freda)
Females... the most important ingredient to genetic construction. Females leave their strength through sons and males leave their strength through their daughters.


Sire: G.G. Conrad • Dam: 628 (Zamuto x Susie 108N)

Brink Anjala E521

Sire: S/M Western • Dam: Great Guns Anja 9Z (Romulus x G.G. 99s)
EPDs:  -1  8  51  79  2  15  40
We have embryos out of 521 and pregnancies that are full siblings to 521.
Over the years we have found that the female is more than 50% of the genetic equation. The only reason to use a male is to get to his mother.

Great Guns Freda

Sire: Great Guns Matthias • Dam: Great Guns Adria 99S
Freda's dam, 99S, is a full sister to C & B Western 2nd. Freda was the top seller at the Fleck Fest in Edmonton. A strong cow family!

Knight Shamu

Sire: Duke 223P • Dam: Knight Amy 134R
Shamu is a very unique Fleck cow. She has muscle, good looks, clean made, fertile with the best feet you can put on a cow. A very easy keeper. We feel fortunate to have Shamu sons such as Revolution and Driver. Great cows leave their strength in their sons.
If you breed for excellent females the males will come!!!
When you purchase Brink Genetics you are getting elite females constantly being tied together through their offspring. The stronger you make your females the more offspring stability you have.

Brink Clarinda 514

Sire: Balu • Dam: Brink 212
We can't say enough about this great young cow. As much femininity, power and good looks as we have put in a female. She is the dam of Rage, Sapp and 126L.

Knight Susie 108N

Sire: King Arthur • Dam: Knight 100F
Susie is the dam of Knight Stinger, Knight Mr. "T", and Cerise. She was just short of 13 years old when we bought her at the dispersal. We flushed and got son, Contract, and a daughter of Zamuto. She was a real leader in pigment, udder, feet, hardiness and power.
Providing a source of efficient and reliable Fleckvieh Simmental cattle, semen and embryos for the serious commercial or purebred breeder!

Demby Anita 152X

Sire: Antonius • Dam: Anita (Imported Haxl Daughter)
Anita's grandsire, Haxl, was one of the all time great German bulls. She left her mark in body size, moderate frame with excellent teat and udder quality.

Knight Cerise 168U

Sire: Monet • Dam: Knight Susie
Cerise was the top seller at Knight's Dispersal and is a real lady to work with. She is a full sister to Contract. Due to an injury, we didn't get to work with her as much as we would have liked. We have daughters of Balu and Revolution and an embryo bank.
We take birth weights, weaning weights and yearling weights and offer Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) through the American Simmental Association.

Brink 212

Sire: C & B Western 2nd • Dam: Clare S7
As a two-year-old she weaned an 800 lb. heifer which was over 60% of her body weight. We flushed her to Balu and got four females. We kept three and sold one to Mikell Davis. A typical C & B 2nd female performance and power.

Great Guns Anja

Sire: Romulus • Dam: Great Guns Adria 99S
The only daughter of Romulus and 99S. Feminine, fertile and thick best describes Anja!


Clare S7

Sire: Clare Fortworth • Dam: Tower Gina
Clare was the first full Fleckvieh cow we purchased. Every bull we flushed her to left us genetics to build with - the sign of a great cow. She was the top selling cow at KCC Dispersal.

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