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Herd Sires

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Brink Flex C516

Brink N340 (DAM)
ASA#: 2226964


Reg#: 3023775

Sire – Brink Campfire Y148
Dam-  Brink N340

Our top Jr. herd sire we are excited about. Backed by these Super Cows Brink N340 (dam) Brink S648, Brink R785, Brink Clarinda E514, all up close in his lineage. It is always exciting  when young males surface with such strong genetic links. Flex is a very expandable and loose structured with an abundance of muscle. He moves like a cat and is so much like his dam N340. She is 13 and going to calve again in 2017. Flex is 19 months old at video time.

Brink Focus W952

Reg#: 2531522

Focus has just documented his all around strength with a feedlot trial and what the Brink Fleckvieh genetic program can do when you blend them with commercial cows and put the offspring to the real test. Over 90% CAB or Choice, all yield grade 1&2’s less than 13 months old, 933#carcass wt. average, and 15.7 on the rib eye. Focus has many unique characteristics. In his one visit to a bull stud in one jump put out over 1100 straws of quality semen which is rare. His athletic ability with correctness of hind leg and muscle allows him much comfort to do his work easily. His dam 648 is making her mark in her generating ability.

Brink Levi X011

Reg#: 2626323

Levi is documenting his strength with his strong dual purpose ability. Levi is extra smooth in his make up with muscle. Levi has the ability to put extra performance into his offspring. His daughters have excellent udders and he is double bred to Clarinda. Levi has excellent versatility in the way you can use him on heifers or cows and still have progression. Levi X Focus combination topped our sale of 2014.

Brink Bullet Proof A342

Reg#: 2789600

Bullet Proof a Junior Herd sire is the $50,000 purchased by JNR and Beechinor Bros. in Alberta, Canada. Bullet Proof ties together many things for everyday beef production and yet still possesses those outlier qualities it takes to be a real herd bull. Bullet Proof is from one of the strongest flushes we have ever had .Bullet Proof and Cyrus 311 flush mate were in the top 5 out of 50 bulls with their high Choice marbling scores. His dam 785 is also the dam of Brink Campfire Y148 and Brink Bootstraps A317.

Brink Amos S621

Sire: GREAT GUNS TX AMOS 42M • Dam: K07

Reg#: 2382481

Amos S621 has done an excellent job generating better production livestock.  His dam K07 is a 2000 model and has never repeated and is a triple bred Celtic Maria and has left us some real building blocks.  We are currently using 3 sons and 1 grandson along with some great young females.

Brink Ambrose X038

Reg#: 2626320

Ambrose offers performance, maternal calving ease with everday production. Ambrose is extra long, loaded with muscle and that smooth front with a sound skeleton. His disposition is the best. His daughters are now coming into their 2nd calves with much progression. Ambrose is a blend of 6 shots of Seigfried and 6 shots of C&B2nd on the sire sired along with our long standing cow families.

Brink Rite W970

Reg#: 2531524

Rite is the 1st calf from the 760 cow and after weaning 3 bulls, which all have been over 900 lbs. at 205 day weight.  760 appears to have locked in performance.  Rite is a big footed bull with performance and production.  760 has a short teat, high performance tight udder.  His sire Just Rite has left some outstanding maternal females, which we will be keeping sons out of.

Brink Campfire Y148

Reg#: 2645657

Campfire is a true image of his dam 785 with unsurpassed ability to put that great production ribcage with function in his offspring. We have used Campfire on heifers with great results. He is very unique in his ability that he can be used on heifers and cows and still possesses that top performance. His 1st daughters are calving this winter of 2015 and are going to be building blocks. Campfire has great ancestral strength through 785,Clarinda, and the 648 females that we are solid on.

Brink Huckleberry Y158

Reg#: 2744411

Huckleberry is a full brother to Brink Focus 952 and Brink Shamoo 812. Their dam Brink S648 has been a real matron to work with her generating ability. Huckleberry is a real athlete with that bred in accelerated performance that generates profit. We will have calves out of 3 of his sons Bullet Proof, Bootstraps, and Cyrus in 2015.

Brink Radar P437


Reg#: 2309548

Leased to Accelerated Genetics

Brink Just Rite T733

Sire: BRINK ROMEO N338 • Dam: BRINK K062

Reg#: 2431339

Brink Ringo P425


Reg#: 2309554

Brink Koba R550

Sire: BRINK ROMEO N338 • Dam: BRINK M278

Reg#: 2363900

Brink Romeo 338N

Sire: G.G. 3K • Dam: 803

Reg#: 2226984

803, dam of Brink Romeo 338N Excellent skeleton balance and correctness. Fully pigmented. 15.3 rib eye, choice marbling.

Dam is line bred to Miss Moo, my favorite of all the cows, at the BGR dispersal.
1230# yearling weight.

Brink Redman 328N

Sire: G.G. Bayer • Dam: 110

Reg#: 2226962

Moderate size with correctness.
The best in pigmentation.
His granddam is flush mate to REVOLUTION.
He is out of a first calf heifer by Cujo.
1210# yearling weight, 12.8 rib eye, choice- marbling.

Brink Everlast 317N

Sire: G.G. Bayer• Dam: K014

Reg#: 2226956

Long, smooth and thick centered with muscle from nose to tail. 44cm scrotal, 1300# yearling weight, 16.6 rib eye, .14 back fat.
His dam knows how to put performance in her offspring and she is as feminine as he is masculine.
The foundation cows of his sire and dam are full sisters.

Brink Jagg 218M

Sire: Jack Pine Cujo • Dam: Brink Clarinda 514E

Reg#: 2187395

His first calves are extra good. The bulls are stout and the heifers are feminine with Clarinda's good looks. His full sister, 101, is in transplant and quality to burn with the first set on the ground.

Clarinda Son:

Brink Sapp J958

Sire: G.G. Fritz • Dam: Brink Clarinda 514E

Reg#: 2097492

A five-year-old that has done an excellent job. Limited semen available.

We Have Semen Available on Most ALL Herd Sires!

Brink "BROCK" 200M

Fullblood Fleckvieh

$30/unit  or  10 Units for $250

Sire: Driver • Dam: Brink Babe KO18

Reg#: 2187389
82 lbs.
Gestation length:
277 days
205 Day weight:
872 lbs.
365 Day weight:
1410 lbs.
Marble Score:
17. 3
6. 5
41 cm

BROCK is the most exciting young bull we have raised with all things measured. He has CLARINDA and SHAMU for his grandmothers and BABE, that did an outstanding job for first calf heifer. BROCK is backed by many strong Fleckvieh sires. Driver, Balu, C&B Western II, Siegfried, King Arthur, Arnie 8M, Romulus, Rage, and Moses. Brock has tremendous thickness and balance; moves like a cat.

BRG Driver H880

Fullblood Fleckvieh with a power-packed pedigree


                    Duke 223P
Knight Shamu 163T
                    Knights Amy 34R

Reg#: 2033807
94 lbs
WW: 860 lbs
YW: 1380 lbs
Scrotal Circ.: 41 cm
Hip Height: 53.5 in
Frame Score: 6.8

Driver was weaned off his dam at over 1,000 lbs. at 10 months and no creep. His first calves were yearlings in 2002. They are attractive, with excellent conformation and good balance. We are very pleased with his first crop.

  • Double goggled, balanced EPDs with excellent vigor at birth.
  • He was a natural calf with a gestation of 285 days.
  • Smooth, expandable young sire.
  • Structurally correct with loads of style and muscle.
  • Unique genetic combination of Siegfried, C & B Western and King Arthur are being offered through Driver.
  • Proven, predictable heritage of quality meat bulls.
  • Exportable semen available.
With over 35 years of breeding Hampshire hogs, we have learned that certain pheno-typic indicators have to BE IN PLACE before EPDs hold any value. EPDs that are built off of heterosis are very unstable.

Great Guns Conrad

Sire: Great Guns Mollson • Dam: Great Guns Jena (Romulus x 4U)

Reg#: 1714465

Conrad is the best son we found out of Great Guns Mollson. His grandmother is Ferdinand's dam. Use him on first-calf heifers. He makes roomy mid-sized cows that are easy keepers and good milkers. If you need more thickness he will do it!

Herd bulls are the route to tapping into dominant females. We have found, through the years of breeding livestock, that if you want to get the strength of a male, you keep a son out of one of his top daughters. The following herd bulls represent the phono-geno type of their ancestors we are building with.

Great Guns Herman

Sire: Great Guns Frederick • Dam: Herlinde

Reg#: 1854416

We bought Herman in the summer as a yearling when Great Guns was breeding their heifers. Herman makes excellent udders, good growth, thick centered cattle. Clarinda 514's first calf, Rage, is what we continued the Herman influence with.

Riverbend Contract

Sire: Monet • Dam: Knight Susie

Reg#: 1953194

Contract was born at River Bend and we sold him at their dispersal after we had drawn a semen bank. The Contract daughters we have are typical of their heritage. We will continue to use him. We have two good young bulls out of Contract females in addition to Sam, a 3-year-old that we have used for a couple breeding seasons.


Sire: Brunish Prosperus • Dam: Knight Shamu

Reg #: 1919374

His females are best described as being deep and loose, with square feet, excellent udders, high capacity and smoothness. We feel he is one of the best sons of Brunish Prosperus.

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